How does it work?

Register an account with us

Activate an account on our platform and obtain a pet tag from us is very easy!

You should be able to fill in all information except for the Pet ID. After you have registered your pet on the platform, click here to purchase your Pet Tag, please fill in all the details and send us a request for your tag.

You will receive a confirmation email from us and once you have confirmed your order by email, then we will send you the pet tag to your specified address.

Once you have received your pet tag from us, please edit your Pet ID again.

Secure the tag on your pet

Just as you wouldn’t leave home without your driver’s license, your pet should never be without its ID tags. Because your dog ID tag provides communication when your pet is found, you want to be sure that the tag does not fall off in the event your pet gets out of the yard or house and is wandering around the neighborhood. Attaching your pet tags to its collar is a good method for keeping its tags securely affixed to its collar. The procedure for securely affix the pet tag to its collar is as follow:

  • Remove your pet collar from its neck. It will be easier to attach the tags if you do not have to fight against your wiggling pet.
  • Slide one end of the tag through their collar.
  • Slip the tag through your pet collar. Attach the tags to your pet regular nylon or leather collar, not to a training collar such as a choke chain. If your pet tags get snagged while attached to a training collar they can cause choking.
  • Place your pet collar, now complete with tags, back around your pet neck. Leave enough space for two of your fingers under the collar to ensure that your pet has enough room to breathe.

What to do if you lost your pet


  • Make a police report at the nearest police station and obtain a copy of the report.
  • Report your lost pet to the AFCD Animal management centres.
  • Report your pet missing on our platform by changing the "Pet Status" to LOST. Click here to amend the status from the "Pet info" page.
  • Check the information on your pet profile is up-to-date including your registered email address or any other contact information.
  • Post your missing pet on your Facebook page, together with its picture and the location where it went missing. Share with as many friends as possible. Facebook can be one of the most effective ways to find a missing pet, since it alerts pet lovers all over Hong Kong to be on the lookout. There is a "Share this" button at the bottom of your pet profile picture. You can easily share all these informations on varies social media sites with just a few clicks.
  • Put posters up in appropriate places in the area where you lost your pet. Make sure that you use the most recent photos, preferably showing the collar that your pet was wearing when it went missing. Use clear photos preferably showing all angles of your pet.
  • Notify your local veterinary surgeons and other local animal rescue organisations.

What to do if you found a pet

  • Do not assume that a stray pet is simply out exploring. A lost pet is about as capable on his own as a toddler.
  • Check to see if the pet is wearing a visible identification (Pet Tag) or else. Our pet tag offers multiple ways for people to get in touch with the owner. If you does not have NFC reading device, you can manually enter in the web address with the unique code that links directly to the pet’s profile where you can make connection with the owner.
  • If you are able to find the pet on this platform, please click on "Pet Found!" from the pet profile page and to send a message to the owner using this platform and arrange the best way for the owner and the pet to reunite. You can exchange personnal contact information in order to ensure effective reunite arrangement. We have privacy policy to protect your personal data.
  • If the pet is not wearing visible identification, they may have a microchip embedded under their skin that will help in tracking down his guardian. To check, take the pet to a local veterinary clinic where they can be scanned. But before you do, make sure to use a leash or fashion a leash out of a belt or rope in order to keep the pet safe while they are in your care.
  • Contact local rescue groups and let them know about the dog who you have found. For a listing of local rescues, go to and enter the words animal, rescue and the name of the city where you found the dog.
  • Call your local police department to see if someone has reported losing a dog who matches the description of the dog you have found.

Reunited with your Pet

It is a combination of luck and kindness that led to a joyous reunion between any pets and their owner. We wish every lost pet on this platform would find their owner eventually.

For those lucky ones who are able to reunite with their pets, please ensure that you do the following:

  • Change the status of your pet profile from "lost" to "Found & At Home"
  • Write us a thank you note via email to thanks the person who found your pet and our hard working team who is working behind this platform. We would post your lovely words on our Testimonals, it is important that you share your successful experiences with other members, because if it works for you, it will work for the others too.