How does data protection work?
Create your pet online profile with us is FREE. The profile contains information about your pet including their name, breed, age, medications, allergies, owner’s contact info, and much more. Your data is protected by us and it is your option to disclose your personal information or not.
Do you have to have a smartphone to use our tag?
No! Our tag offers multiple ways for people to get in touch with the owner. If the user does not have NFC reading device, they can manually enter in the web address with the unique code that links directly to the pet’s profile.
Can I add my pet name and my phone number to its profile?
Yes! We offer some of the profile with a personalization option that allows you to put your pet name and contact information. Is totally up to you what information you want to present for your pet.
What comes with our membership?
Our membership is free and you can purchase your very own smart pet ID to goes with it. It includes:
  • Storage of Your Pet Information – put all of your pet contact information online, in one place, and then put it to use to help protect them by linking it to one of our NFC Tags.
  • Lifetime Hosting!
Is there a monthly fee once I have paid for the tag?
There is no monthly fee.
Are there any hidden fees?
No, we pride ourselves on being as straightforward as possible to the consumer. The Basic (Free) Tag offers a suite of features while the Premium products offers better looks!
Can I wait until my pet is missing then register?
No. Your pet needs to have the tag on them before they got lost therefore the finder can communicate with you once your pet has been found. The purpose of the tag is to get your pet home faster.
Is there a discount for multiple pets?
Yes! Please keep an eye on our discount products.
Do I have to replace my pet tag each year?
No, our tags are durable and meant to last. If you have a problem with a tag, we will replace it!
What happens if my tag is lost or damaged?
If your tag is lost, you may purchase a new tag and link it to your pet profile just like you did before. If it becomes damaged, contact us so we can help you get a new tag, usually at no additional cost.
Can I change my pets and my information whenever I want free of charge?
Yes, you may change your pets information as often as you like free of charge.
Do we have a specific mobile app?
No, we do not have our own app for any brand of phone. You may use any NFC device you choose. This is helpful so if a rescuer finds your pet they can just use what they have and not need to download anything else.
What if someone does not know what NFC is?
That is the great thing about our tags; the rescuer can use NFC or just type in the URL in any browser or call to speak to a live person who can give them any information and link a phone call to you directly.
Can the tag be used outside the HK?
YES! It is available to everyone, everywhere.