About Us

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) suggested that 2000 animals were reported lost, 20% of which reunited with their keepers. The majority of stray animals are put down if homes cannot be found for them.

WHOSPETS is to reduce the amount of missing pets in Hong Kong. This is an O2O platform with NFC enbeded chips to help lost pets get home within a shorter period of time. All pets will be equipped with NFC/ QR code enbedded chips that work in conjuctions with our O2O platform. The mission of the platform will help Hong Kong to find the owner of any missing pets. The goal is to help missing pets reunited with their keepers, so that lesser animals will get put down and more pets are able to reunite with their keepers.

Our O2O platform developed will allow any pet finder or any animal welfare association with a smartphone or internet access to make direct contact with the pet owner. This is done with extreme privacy control where the pet owner wouldn't disclose any personal data throughout the process. The pet owner can manage and update their pet info 24/7.

Each shelter/ rescuer’s adoption process is different. You can contact the rescuer/ shelter via whospets platform. The next day, one of the volunteers calls you and you talk to them more about the pet. It seems like a good match, and agree to come meet the pet at their adoption event in a local pet store that weekend.A home check volunteer will arrange for a home visit with you. After the home visit, you get a call from a volunteer to let you know you will be the home adopting the pet! They email you copies of his vaccination and sterilization records. You arrange a delivery day for your new pet.

Become Our Partners

Animal Welfare Organisations
If your organisation is concerned with the health, safety and psychological wellness of animals. You may be an animal rescue group which helps individual animals in distress or may be many animals of a kind suffering from some epidemic. Or if you are an animal rights group, or you may belong to both categories, please contact us and please help us spread the words and to help more pets finding their owners. Our service is totally FREE for pet owners and we would like to help reduce the amount of stray pets all around the globe.
Animal Shelter/ Rescue
Is your organisation about rescuing, rehabilitating & re-homing unwanted or abandoned dogs, cats, kittens and puppies. If so, I believe we are your perfect partner to help you finding pet adopter! WHOSPETS is a web platform where shelters and rescues can list their pets for adoption. We help stray pets gets home fast, we are the leading search service for pets awaiting for adoption in Hong Kong. Whats more, is that the pet voluenteer wouldn't have to disclose any personal data, the pet adopter will only need a smartphone/ internet access to make contact with the pet voluenteer/ rescuer/ shelter, info can be update 24/7 and all these is completely FREE.
Pets Accessories Designer
Are you a pet accessories designer? We have the ability to migrate our technology into and out of your products. WHOSPETS can help you integrate, innovate, and accelerate your business—and that of your customers. We are able to inject our values into your products. In the rapidly changing and highly competitive marketplace, continuous innovation is crucial. Our offline to online solutions allow for rapid application development and market agility. This O2O advantage, paired with powerful partnerships, gives you a revolutionary advantage in creating the next-generation experience for any pet owners.